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Android Auto is getting a slow rollout in Australia, currently Pioneer are the only partner supplying after market head units and so far, we haven’t seen Android Auto on-board any of the current generation of cars on-sale here. But it looks like next year you could have your pick of a number of Australian Holden models with the system pre-installed.

German manufacturer Opel, who supplies the Holden Astra and Holden Cascada convertible as well as the soon to be released mid-sized sedan the Holden Insignia VXR in Australia, will be offering support for both Apple’s Car Play, as well as Android Auto in their future vehicles.

holden Commodore
The support for Android Auto in Holden vehicles will also extend to Chevrolet made vehicles, which puts the 2016 Holden Commodore – the last one to made in Australia – in line to offer Android Auto as well.

The over-arching owner of the Holden, as well as Opel brands: General Motors, isn’t listed on the Android Auto site, nor are they listed on the Open Automotive alliance website, however Holden (as well as Chevrolet and Opel mentioned above) are and the link to Holden of course goes to the Holden Australia website.

Holden Australia hasn’t actually commented on which vehicles will be coming with Android Auto as yet, with Holden issuing a statement after the launch of the platform stating

This is exciting technology and we are looking forward to welcoming this smart phone integration to a range of Holden vehicles in the very near future.

Holden has said they will be talking about Android Auto later in the year, placing that sort of conversation straight after the International Motor show in Frankfurt where the Opel supplied Astra is due to be unveiled.

Android Auto will be coming on a range of vehicles and it’s a slow trickle at the moment, but 2016 looks like it could be a flood.

Via: WheelsMag.
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    Andrew Calvin



    It should be noted that Volkswagen just updated a large portion of their vehicles with Android Auto, MirrorLink and Apple Carplay as part of an MY16 update in Australia. I believe the update makes them the first company in Australia to offer Android Auto as an OEM install.

    Caleb Johns

    Hopefully the Series II VF Commodore will get Android Auto.