If you’re in the market for an outright purchase of a new phone, now may be the time to check out JB Hifi because they’re currently running a pretty decent special if you’re looking for a couple of freebies with your phone.

With the purchase of selected Android devices, you’ll also get a free Chromecast and $20 Google Play voucher. The options on devices are quite extensive and include the Galaxy S6 Edge (Gold, White or Black), The Galaxy S6 (White 32GB, Black 32GB, Black 64GB, White 64GB), The Galaxy Note 4 (White), The Galaxy Note Edge (White or Black), The Sony Xperia Z3 (Black or White), The HTC One M9 (Grey or Silver), The Huawei Ascend Mate 7, The Nexus 6 (White or Blue) and the Galaxy S5 (White, Blue or Black).


Check out the JB Hifi webpage or head into your local store for more detail.

Are specials like this a motivator for you to purchase, or just icing on the cake if the timing is right?

Source: JB Hifi.