Last year we heard a rumour that the Nexus 6 would include a fingerprint scanner. Many of us were licking our lips when we heard this having used some half decent fingerprint scanners before and let’s be honest, many of us were jealous watching our iPhone friends unlock their phones easily with a simple touch of a button. When the announcement came and went without a single mention of a fingerprint scanner many of us were left disappointed (many more for other reasons to do with the Nexus 6). Today photos have leaked of a prototype Nexus 6 with the fingerprint scanner included.

The apparent reason that the fingerprint scanner wasn’t included was that it just didn’t work anywhere near as well as the Apple one. As suspected the fingerprint scanner was going to be where the Motorola dimple is on the back of the device. Unfortunately it did not make the final hardware cut and the Nexus 6 behemoth was released sans fingerprint scanner.

With native fingerprint support now included in Android M the rumours are hot with both the LG and Huawei Nexus phones including fingerprint scanners on the back it may not be long before we too can easily unlock our phones. With the release of Android Pay, hopefully in Australia sometime this century, the fingerprint scanner is near essential, as is an NFC chip. It is unknown who makes the upcoming fingerprint scanners but hopefully it works better than the Samsung Galaxy 6 implementation did for me.

Is this a specification you are interested in? Do you think the location on the back of the phone is a good idea?

Source: Weibo.
Via: Phandroid.
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    I want one only if the implementation is at par or better than the Apple one

    Dennis Bareis

    Yes want one


    Very interesting to see actual photos of how close the Nexus 6 got to having a fingerprint scanner. Such functionality really has to be right near the top of the list for any major phone going forward. I’m actually really quite surprised and disappointed the new Moto X doesn’t have one.