HTC One M8
HTC Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi, has taken to twitter to confirm that the HTC One M8 will get an update to Sense 7, which currently runs on the HTC One M9 mobile phone only when the phone is updated to Android M.

The statement was made after a user asked Mo Versi when their HTC One M8 would receive Sense 7 to which Versi replied:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.44.14 am

The announcement is certainly the first bit of information confirming that last years HTC One M8 will get the latest Sense UI along with Android M update. No time frame has been given for the update to either Sense 7 or Android M – understandable since we have no announcement date for Android M – so we can only speculate that such an update will most likely fall under the usual ’90 Days’ announcements that HTC makes after the release of a new version of Android.

We will keep an eye out for any further new relating to either the Sense 7 or Android M update as it comes to hand.
Do you still have and use a HTC One M8? Are you glad to see an update to Sense 7 and Android M when it becomes available? let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Mo Versi - Twitter.
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HTC previously advised that the M8 would be updated to 5.1 with Sense 7 in August. Now it’s saying that Sense 7 won’t appear until after Android M is released. Does that mean the M8 won’t receive 5.1? Why is it that xda devs can quickly port Sense 7 to the M8, yet a large company like HTC is unable to? And HTC wonders why its business is failing…


Yeah you’re right. The financial health of the company relies purely on getting software updates out in a certain timeframe…

Really really dumb comment.


Thanks for the personal attack.

Plenty of people online chime in and say “HTC never again” when they feel screwed over by a company. Rubbing up customers isn’t good for business.


No problem. Make a stupid comment, expect to get called out on it.

But yeah you’re right, their financial performance has a direct positive correlation to the Sense 7 port to the M8. *rolls eyes*.


Releasing a 2015 flagship which has virtually no design changes to the previous year’s flagship, has poor camera performance at the time of release, in conjunction with failed promises re. software updates impacts on customer satisfaction, and therefore on phone sales.

You carry on doing all the eye rolling and histrionics you need to in order to feel good about yourself.


I agree. Keep your customers happy and getting new ones shouldn’t be hard. Regarding Andrew’s comment response, I don’t think it’s a dumb comment. If good software is released in a timely manner, then your customers will do great word of mouth for you, and attracting new customers won’t be tough. I certainly used to sing the praises of HTC when I first got my M8 and its still a great phone. Hearing about these delays though does not instill future confidence in me recommending them though.