OnePlus 2 Teardown
OnePlus’ 2016 Flagship Killer has arrived on the test benches of the iFixit team who has, as expected, torn it down and assessed it for repairability.

The phone scores a reasonable 7 out of 10 for repairability, a step up from the 5 out of 10 the original OnePlus handset received from iFixt when it first launched.

The improved score is due to the use of a single (non-proprietary) type of screw (Phillips #000) throughout the handset as well as the USB-C port being a simple flex cable that should be inexpensive to repair. The battery is also fairly easily removed though it does still require the phone to be stripped down.

There was one slight issue which dropped the repairability score, the LCD and digitiser glass on the screen are one fused unit and have to be replaced as a single unit.

OnePlus 2 Parts

The full teardown and a lot more photos are available over at iFixit right now for your viewing pleasure.

Source: iFIxit.
Via: Android Central.
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synaptics again for the touchscreen…

and fingerprints chip for the scanner. not sure on how good is this compared to the one on the iPhone