Sorry. We’re sorry this wasn’t out earlier, because reasons. With that out of the way, we’d like to get to the point of announcing the winners of the Moto E comp which we ran over the last week or so, and get some brand new phones in the hands of brand new owners!

Up for grabs were two Moto E (2nd Gen) handsets, fresh from Motorola. If you’re not entirely convinced as to the quality of the Moto E, you should check out Daniel’s review, in which he said:

The Moto E Gen 2 has a faster processor, more storage, bigger screen, it’s got LTE and a front facing camera and taking all that into account, puts it into the category of where the Moto G was last year.Times have changed and the Moto E is no longer the super-cheap phone it once was, and that’s Ok. Motorola firmly moved the Moto G 2015 into the premium mid-range market and the Moto E is filling the spot left by the Moto G quite admirably.

When it comes to whether a phone is good or not, it’s whether you want to continue using it and with the Moto E 2015 I actually do. Sure there’s times when it’s a bit of a hassle to reboot but for the most part, the Moto E 2015 offers a great experience.

When it came to drawing the winning entries, we looked for something a bit unique. We had many people tell us of their desire for better battery life, for more storage, to be water proof and so on. However, there were two entries just a little different which we liked enough to name as winners:

  • Nick Devine, who told us he’d choose a phone that had the power to charge from the sun, with solar panels covering the bezels of the front face (and perhaps the rear battery cover too, Nick?) to allow a charge when placed in bright light. A wonderful idea.
  • Ben Winter, who opined about the inclusion of a 256GB SSD in a mobile phone. We’ve seen that Samsung can do amazing things in shrinking down the size of SSDs, so it might not be long until this dream could be a reality.

Thanks everyone for entering, and our apologies to those who didn’t win this time around; the quality of the entries was surprisingly high, and the number of entrants as well. We hope to have a few more phones to give away soon!