Google Maps - Fast Street View
As well as some cool photo update features for Local Guides, the latest version of Google Maps for Android also adds a neat new feature for travellers: faster access to Street View.

The update appears in version 9.13.0 and brings up a Street View thumbnail in a small floating window at the bottom left hand corner of your screen when you drop a pin, tap the thumbnail and you get the full view. Street View is infinitely valuable when you’re travelling to new places letting you get an idea of what to look for when you arrive and now it’s even easier to access.

The update is rolling out through Google Play now over the next few days, but of course if you just can’t wait you can always grab it earlier.

Google Maps
Google Maps
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    Last time I checked, the government hadn’t updated the public transport data for months; their own website says it’s meant to be updated weekly iirc. I’m not sure if Google is to blame in this case, I sent an email to Google but got no reply


    Google totally forgets Melbourne public transport