Fishbone, the latest contender in the charging station race, launched on Kickstarter last week with their space saving design that caught the attention of many users, and many of us too. So many users, in fact, that in less than a week they’ve cleared their funding goal.

The Fishbone has some big advantages over other stations; space saving is a big one but probably the biggest for users with really power hungry devices is the ability to output a total of 6.8A across the ports, not specifically having one or two that are designated for high amperage output.

The team have very proudly announced to all their backers via an email that the goal has been met, everything is on target and if you are on their mailing list there’s also a bit of a money saver in it if you’re considering backing the project.

If you’re keen to get your hands on a brand new design charging station, why not check out the Fishbone at Kickstarter? Note that our usual disclaimer about Kickstarter projects and the like applies; backing a project isn’t necessarily a guarantee that it’ll go to production and that devices will be received, and Ausdroid makes no warranties etc. You know the drill.

What features are you looking for in your charging station?

Source: Fishbone Kickstarter.