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Instagram For Android
Instagram has long been the bastion of square photos and videos. It’s made the portrait video takers of the world happy, but it’s a limitation and today Instagram has addressed this shortfall releasing Instagram v7.5 for Android which will now let you share photos and video in portrait and landscape, as well as your usual square shots.

The update won’t automatically display the photo in your desired orientation, you’ll have to tap the format icon to adjust the orientation manually to landscape or portrait. Once you’ve selected an orientation though, the full sized version will display to your followers. The posts will also continue to be displayed in your profile grid as a centre-cropped square.

There is one more minor(ish) change, Instagram has made a change to their filters. Previously they’ve had separate filters for photos and videos, but they’ve now made all the filters available on all types of moments. You can now also adjust the intensity of filters on videos as well.

You can get the latest version of Instagram from Google Play right now, or you can wait for the update prompt to hit your device.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
Source: InstagramGoogle Play.
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    So, I should maybe think about getting on Instagram then? I’ve never had an about because the idea of having square photos annoys me, and they don’t fit with everything else!


    Seems like the most length you can post in portrait is about 4:3. Not sure how that will work on a 4:3 tablet though?