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R U Ok? That’s the question we should all be asking today, with the 10th of September this year being the 6th R U Ok day in Australia. Depression and suicide is a major problem with modern society and R U Ok day gives us a focus and reminder to ask our friends and loved ones that very question.

To help facilitate contacting them, Virgin Mobile as a major sponsor of R U Ok day is offering free calls to their customers to any network in Australia.

R U Ok? is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on trying to get people to ask just that question in the hopes that it will help people who need it to ask for help. Simply taking the time to talk to someone can help, and we don’t do enough of that. Virgin Mobile has released data from a report they commissioned which found some interesting and slightly worrying statistics about the way we communicate:

  • We spend 2.5 hours communicating via social media, text and email, but only 20 minutes on the phone to friends or loved ones;
  • Not only are we speaking on the phone less frequently, the time we spend per phone call is also decreasing by 4-8 minutes compared to last year;
  • A third of Aussies have ignored a call in the last week because they didn’t feel like talking, and a third of Aussies have sent a message to a loved one instead of picking up the phone.

But all is not lost, because we do appreciate a good phone call, with their data showing that 86% of people think their day is brightened by that phone call from a friend or loved one. So go do it, even if you aren’t with Virgin Mobile for the free calls, call your friends and family and ask ‘R U Ok?’ it could save a life.