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Isn’t the age we live in great? You can connect to your home from work, you can shuffle data all over the world from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. But the danger of being always connected is that people who want to, can do anything with your data that you can unless you protect yourself and unfortunately Internet Security software no longer does the job alone so you need more active monitoring of your connected devices; like Cujo.

Its no longer the stuff that only appears in movies; real people are getting hacked for their personal data, their banking details, photos or other sensitive data that allows third parties to steal their identity. If you own a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a game console, smart thermostat or any of the other connected devices then you’re potentially at risk.

Cujo is an active combination of firewall, anti-phishing, anti-malware and threat detection in a single connection device that alerts you to your smartphone (via installed app) of issues as they occur.

Like anything; Cujo is not a home run to protecting your private data but goes a fair way to doing so. If you’re quick with the US$49 cost of the hardware you’ll get a bundled 6 months service (US$8.99 per month or US$89 per year after that) so you can see the value of the service before committing to a long term payment.

The ongoing cost isn’t outrageous, but you’ll need to make the decision on that for yourself. If Cujo is sounding like an attractive piece of hardware to you, head over to the Indiegogo page check it out in more detail and pick a perk.

What non-standard security precautions do you take on your home network to protect your devices?

Source: Indiegogo.
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You should also look at the AdTrap device.

It connects to your router.

It prevents ads and popups from appearing in all your PCs and devices connected to your wifi.

But it doesn’t do security like Cujo does.

I wish Cujo would also include AdTrap like functionality.

Phil Tann

I’ll email them and suggest it for future functionality ๐Ÿ™‚