Android for Work Live
Launched at Google I/O in 2014 as part of the Android L release, Android for Work is powered by Samsung’s KNOX technology and was only really launched earlier this year. With Android Marshmallow now out in the wild, Google is making a concerted push for Android For Work and is holding their first ever Android for Work Live online conference on November 4th.

The conference will be held online as you’d expect from Google, which allows for scale to have attendees from around the world. Google has seen more than 10,000 companies testing or deploying Android for Work and the online conference will be a good way to share their stories and show how it can be done at scale.

What can you expect at the event?

  • Hear from Andrew Toy, product management director for Android for Work, who’ll discuss the broad vision of Android in the workplace and how businesses can mobilize every worker and workflow.
  • Learn how Android’s vast selection of devices – from affordable phones to locked-down hardware and customized devices – creates choice and agility for BYOD, corporate deployments and single-purpose scenarios.
  • Get an in-depth look at how companies can rely on Android’s built-in multi-layered protections to keep business data secure and managed across all devices in an overview from Adrian Ludwig, technical lead for Android security.
  • Hear insights from Android customers, including Guardian Life Insurance Company.

If you’re interested in attending the conference, or just learning more about Android For Work, registrations to attend the online conference are now open on the Android For Work website.

Source: Google For Work.