Whimsical is often a term used to describe some of the things Google does, and one of their more whimsical past times includes the Google Doodle.

Many a doodle comes and goes with out a remark and some without notice, some like the interactive Pacman doodle go down in infamy. Today’s doodle is another interactive one, which caught our attention, sees you treated to a musical mystery in which you assist Ludwig van Beethoven to reassemble some of his more famous scores.

The Doodle takes only a few minutes to complete, you will need sound to complete the task, but it is well worth the time. The Doodle is in celebration of Beethoven’s 245th year (the exact day of his birth seems to be the topic of some debate, however, it is commonly accepted to be on the 16th of December). Head on over to Google Doodles page or hit up if you want to give the Doodle a try.

What is your all time favorite Doodle?