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htc hero 2016
HTC’s new high-end phone, which is apparently to be known as the HTC 10 could come in four colour options, with a new leak showing the phone in what appears to be early press renders.

The phone appears to be coming in four colour options with both Black and White coloured faces. There’s four colours shown: Black/Black, Black/Silver options and White/Silver and what appears to be White/Gold. The bodies all appear to be using the anodized aluminium bodies we’ve come to know and love, which is seemingly confirmed by other leaks we’ve seen over the past few weeks.

HTC 10 Colours

The colour options are only what we’ve seen so far and HTC has been known to introduce various colours into their range halfway through the product cycle to refresh the line, so this may not be ‘it’ when it comes to colour.

The leaks are coming thick and fast now, with the launch date of the HTC 10 seemingly locked in with Evan Blass (@evleaks) of VentureBeat reporting the phone will be announced on the 19th of April – based on the date on his previously leaked render..


The announcement date will be apparently followed by a May launch, though where it will launch on that date isn’t known. We’re excited to see this new HTC phone, with HTC holding a special place in long-term Android users hearts as the launch partner for the first Android phone ever made.

It’s just over a month till the rumoured launch date, so we shouldn’t have too much longer to wait to see what HTC have to offer.

Source: @upleaks WeiboDigi-Wo.