Pocket Wifi

Fancy yourself a cheeky little bargain this week? Head in to your local BP On the run and grab a Vodafone Prepaid Pocket Wifi kit with 8GB of data and a USB car charge adaptor for 19 bucks.

As with anything there’s a couple of little catches, the main one being that the Pocket Wifi is the 3G model rather than 4G but for most users that will be sufficient for needs when you’re on the road and lacking wifi. The second catch is that immediately you’ll get 4GB of data and the “Bonus” data will appear on your account 24 – 36 hours later.

Given its better than bill shock and ridiculously cheap, in fact cheaper to buy one of these and throw my old Pocket Wifi out – I’ve grabbed one and will make sure that I recharge with one of the 365 day options for when I’m travelling interstate for work.

Have you spotted any bargains in the wild lately?

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Palo Verde

found a better 4G unlocked Huawei 5573 modem with 4 gigs only $14.75 nationwide Big W


Good deal. Might grab one too.

Palo Verde

Just went to BP at Ramsgate it’s $59 no discount and the person behind the counter says no such thing as $19.

So much for this pleasant experience at BP, will only go Shell from now onwards hate dealing with stupid retail stores.


On the Run is only in South Australia,( and are branded Bp or Mobil) so I would assume it is SA only.


Hey. I went to a bp in SA and the bloke tried to charge me the same, i pointed out the signs all over the shop saying 19bucks and he scanned it heaps of times and kept saying 59bucks. In the end another worker had to cone over and show him that he had to acan the free cigarette lighter charger first thrn the wifi unit in order for it to then show 19 on the till?


As donkey said below. Sorry thought that might have helped.


I wonder how long you can own this product before activating it and using the 8GB of data. As it maybe worth buying several of these pocket wifi’s and activating each one when you feel the need to download heaps of data while out and about.
Though not good for the environment using these pocket wifi’s once and discarding them!!

Supergirl xo

Why would you, there’s double data on the first 3 recharges anyway, which will last longer than the promo offer.


Ya I’m on the same wavelength with this. I bought one lastnight and holding off activating it until i need to. Anyone else know how long we can string it out without activating it??