Hugely popular launcher, Nova Launcher Prime has begun a sale on their popular launcher replacement, dropping the price for a limited time from $4.99 down to a super cheap $0.99.

In terms of features, Nove Launcher Prime ranks among the most configurable and feature rich out there. Nova Launcher Prime recently launched a heap of new features out of their Beta program at the end of 2015, so the time is ripe. With a number of skin-heavy handsets on the market a replacement launcher can turn an average phone into a great one.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a custom launcher, then this is a great time to grab yourself a bargain, Nova Launcher isn’t the only one out there – Action Launcher rocks – but there’s also a of others listed on Google Play for you to check out.

Nova Launcher Prime
Nova Launcher Prime
Developer: Nova Launcher
Price: $4.99

If you would like your device to behave slightly differently than currently, there are a huge number of launchers available so why not try out a bargain while you’ve got the chance.

If you’re using a custom launcher, which one is your weapon of choice and why?

Source: Play Store.
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    Daniel Narbett

    I lurve Nova Launcher (I’ve had Prime for several years) – running on both phone and tablet – and it means I get to keep my favourite layout and functionality between devices and on phones over the years. Occasionally a fit comes on me and I try switching to a stock launcher but I get so frustrated so quickly with the limitations that I switch straight back. Only quirk I’ve found is that while it uses only a little memory on low-spec devices, it uses a lot more on high-spec devices.


    I continue to find it difficult to understand why Nova Launcher is still a thing!

    It’s so fully functioned (with sensible functions rather than silly 3D novelties) and customisable that I keep thinking that everything it does will just get adopted into a stock launcher with the next Android update – but no, it’s still here making up for all the deficiencies in both stock and OEM skinned experiences.