IGuys, we know most of you probably don’t shop at Lincraft regularly, however if you’ve been hesitating on jumping on the VR train because of cost, availability or you simply haven’t had time to do the research yet then now might be the time. Stop making excuses because Lincraft have a $15 option by iTech available either in-store or via their website:

3D Virtual Reality Headset. Download 3D VR Apps for your smartphone and immerse yourself in 3D movies & 3D games. Compatible with Smartphones up to 6.5″” Apps available online for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones

There’s plenty of options out there, but very few that will be as easily accessible as this one with a major retail chain such as Lincraft stocking them in suburban areas.

IF VR is on your shopping list, what options are you currently looking at?

Source: Lincraft.
Thanks: Daniel.
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    I grabbed one today – interesting so far. I noticed the bluetooth controller elsewhere when I was looking online but this doesn’t come with one and that seems to be the main problem for me – it’s totally passive beyond turning my head, and I guess walking around if the app is built that way.

    Size wise the 6P fits, even with my case on it but it’s tight and I had to find an app to disable the volume rocker as it was constantly being pressed.

    David Anderton

    I bought the $30 option from ALDI and have been pretty impressed with it.

    Pouya M.

    Also worth noting that Kmart had a run of similar kit for the exact same price a while back, I tried that and did not get any good results (mainly due to the glasses cuttings being too small for my glasses and the fact that at the time I had a LG G4 which the unit could not properly hold with its curved and off centered screen…). Having said that I have tried a similar one of these at Jaycar (same marking on the unit it self but completely different packaging) and that seems to be more concentrated on video… Read more »


    I think this VR headset is good enough, but there aren’t a lot of apps that integrates well with a Bluetooth controller.

    Newcastle Guardian

    Daughter bought one of these serval days ago. I’d strongly suggest that people think long and hard. Better still Phil, maybe you go buy one, then try and get a satisfactory result from one, Strongly suggest then you re-do your story with a road test showing the results … Please.

    Gareth Dunn

    We sell these exact same ones at work and its quite easy to get a satisfactory result, you just need to remember its a google cardboard made out of plastic. If you’re expecting a HTC Vive for $15 you’re surely going to be disappointed


    I’m not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but you’re asking us to think long and hard about a cheapie $15 headset? It’s $15! I’m happy to think long and hard about a $1500 headset. You want Phil to re-do the story? There is no story. It’s just a quick post letting people know a product is out there. It’s not meant to be a review. Sorry if your daughter is disappointed. But be a good parent and cheer her up with something else that she would like. I have a daughter too. An ice cream and a new… Read more »


    These are the same ones that turned up on OZBargain for $7.84, WITH a bluetooth controller.. So bear that in mind in terms of quality expectations. Listing on OZB has link to setup QR code.

    I think at this point I’d probably be waiting for Daydream, or at least a Daydream clone that can do AR too.


    Lincraft sells some surprising things some times. I have bought a few camera bags a few years ago for probably 1/4 the recommended retail price. I have also gotten a good laptop bag too. It is a shame here that I probably can’t use it as I would think it needs a Gyro which for some stupid reason the Moto X Play is missing.