Google is getting in the giving Christmas spirit, at least that is if you live in New York, with knitted sweaters for the Google Pixel being given out in store.

The announcement comes from a tweet which also points you to their Snapchat channel where they’re showing off the knitting process as well.

According to their snapchat, they’re not just giving away sweaters for your Pixel, you can also win a number of other prizes by spinning their prize wheel. The Snapchat story shows a human powered knitting 3D printer and a number of other options including a Christmas sweater for you, a cookie, or even a Pixel phone.

The Made By Google pop up store was quite cool when I visited it last month, though they certainly weren’t either selling anything nor giving anything away.

There’s been speculation that Google would build out more of their pop up shops in other locations, but a few months after the launch of the Pixel there’s no sign of any as yet. We can always hope for one built here, but it’s probably not going to happen.

Source: Google.
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    “Die hard android fan”

    Did that cloud your judgement in saying these are remotely “cute”.

    Daniel Tyson

    Dude, it’s a tiny knitted jumper for your phone. It’s cute. It’d be cute no matter which phone it was on.