If you pay attention to your local ALDI, you will notice that they often have some amazing specials on some great products. Starting Saturday 4th February, for example, you can pick yourself up an LG Stylus DAB+ for only $279.

The LG Stylus DAB+ did not exactly set the world on fire when it was released, and when Phil reviewed it here at Ausdroid, he gave it a luke-warm reception. However, the LG Stylus DAB+ was and still is a solid phone. Apart from being stuck on Android 6.0, $279 gets the consumer a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad core processor, a good sized 5.7in 720P display, 16GB of storage that can be expanded with a microSD card, 1.5GB of RAM and a 13MP rear facing and 8MP front facing camera on top of other goodies.

The most notable inclusions in the LG Stylus DAB+ are given away by its name — it has stylus support (and comes with one of course) and includes a digital DAB+ radio built in. LG’s software is not the greatest looking software around but at $279 this can be easily overlooked. At that price it is a great phone for someone who does not need high end specs and just wants a phone that works well — for example your Mum or Dad. The stylus support will also be useful for many out there.

The phone comes with a two year warranty and a 1 year warranty for the battery life. This is pretty good without setting any records in Phil’s review.

The sale begins on Saturday the 4th of February so if someone you know is looking for a low-mid range phone this could definitely be an acceptable option for them. I urge you to go and check them out before the sale starts on Saturday as Aldi’s sales often do not last very long.

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    has anyone has an issue with this phone wifi? mine is new seems to pick up every one elses except mine


    have tried all the recommended things, nothing works no wps no wps pin no wifi etc


    This phone suits me better than any other. I don’t regret paying full price last July. I’m a regular listener to DAB radio (no other phone has this). I use the stylus in meetings to take notes that sync with Evernote. The large 5.7in screen makes for a luxurious reading experience. Reviews tell me that it’s sluggish but that’s not my experience and it doesn’t bother me.


    That’s the perfect commentary Michael; at the end of the day, for everyone, the best phone is the one they like and works for them, and it sounds like the Stylus DAB+ works perfectly for what you need!

    Maurice Brown

    Who would be dumb enough to buy this phone when the lg stylo or stylo 2 is cheaper and better


    Do those come with dab? If not, possibly people who want dab.

    Martin Jowsey

    Someone who really likes listening to DAB radio?

    Martin Jowsey

    Any dumbass who loves DAB Radio?


    I have had a couple of cheapy phones in the last six months, and wouldn’t buy another with less than 2GB RAM. At this pricepoint, I’d MUCH rather get the OPPO F1s.


    The F1s is still stuck on Android 5.0 though, isn’t it? That’s pretty tough to live with.


    Yeah, but $3 for a launcher and 99 percent of the population won’t know the difference. It has B28, etc.

    I put a friend into one last week because she simply couldn’t afford the cost of a Samsung S7 to replace her S4. She’s rapt with the upgrade now she’s running AL3 or Nova or whichever launcher she’s using.