The LG G6 may be being announced in only a couple of days time (26th Feb, Barcelona time) but that hasn’t stopped someone from leaking more press renders of it. Today Evan Blass has tweeted out possibly the last leak of the LG G6, a press render of the device itself.

Through his Twitter handle, @evleaks, Evan Blass has provided everyone with a press render of the LG G6. It shows both the front and back of the device which we saw in black colour the other day. The difference here is that we now see what we can only assume will be the three colours that the LG G6 will arrive in. The three colours are mystic white, astro black and ice platinum.

I’m not sure how I feel about this phone. It’s design is not piquing my interest much if at all. Hopefully LG can impress with their hardware and software innovations.

Evan Blass, perennial leaker that he is, has also tweeted that he is now “leaked out for a bit”. He’s not the only one. Bring on MWC where we can find out all about this and other devices set to empty our pockets and bank accounts.

Is anyone interested in purchasing the LG G6 (apart from Chris)? How do you think this will rate beside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 (both in sales and features etc)?

Source: EvLeaks Twitter.
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Andrew White

Astro black, however deep a black will still need to have a gloss finish in order to compete with the glam of Sammy, Htc, Huawei etc. at point of sale.
Suggest LG rapidly offer more colour/ finish options, this is supposed to be about the corporations’ move upward afterall.

Antoine Devon Swans

I love it! Just got the V20 two months ago and I’m completely satisfied with my purchase, but the LG G6 is beautiful to me. Waiting to see what its going to have on the experience side of things because i may still purchase it as a second phone.

Jamie S

I really like the look of the G6. I probably won’t buy one but I also think LG have done a great job this time

Brad Eade

I am very interested in the G6. I think it’ll be a worthy successor to my beloved yet hardware-flawed G4. I might’ve bought the Pixel XL by now if they had stock but considering they haven’t and the G6 has since impressed me, I’ll likely buy one on release.


I think it looks gorgeous. It’s very similar to the S8, but the top and bottom bezels don’t match, which may bother some people. I think LG has done a great job with the display and sound with the G6 and I hope it’s a success.