MWC 2017 might be in full swing over at Barcelona at the moment but it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S8 wants a piece of the action although it’s announcement is not for a few weeks. This evening a couple of new videos showing the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ up close and personal and in action.

There is so much already known about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and yet the leaks keep on coming, providing more information each time. The videos leaked tonight show the UI in action as well as the large size difference between the two devices. They are only very short clips so do not give much new information

The hardware looks to be an attractive looking device like it’s curved predecessors were often thought to be. Software-wise though Samsung have included a weird looking icon on their navigation bar showing something that we all already knew — they don’t mind changing up Android into their own vision. Whether this is a good thing is open for debate but it is the Samsung way. What this change entails is unknown of course but I have seen that button used for multitasking on different ROMs so that may well be it’s designed function.

Check out the videos below and let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the latest leaks. Do you think the LG G6 stands a chance against these phones — phones that we know Samsung will market like never before?

Source: Slash LEaks.
Via: 9to5Google.
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These two phone’s look awkward, especially the bigger one. How do you grip it tightly in your hand without touching the screen? I don’t think cases and screen protectors will be very good on it either. And it’s way too long to reach around the whole display. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I use it in person. But on first glance it looks over designed.

Yianni soc

screen protectors will be terrible. only ones that’ll work half decent are the screen wraps. definitely not glass.
..and the height.. omg hope there’s a shortcut to pull down the notification shade!.


Even my GS7 (not the Edge) couldn’t hold onto its glass screen protector. It would lift up on the sides. And I bought the expensive one the Optus guy recommended! And yeah, way too tall. The bigger one looks like comical. Hahaha!

Yianni soc

so true. honestly all the leaks are becuase screen protector manufacturers are sending photos around trying to show they are good. On the second video where they’re hitting keys on the screen, you can see as soon as he moves anywhere near the back button, it hits it automatically. that’s cos of the way the crappy glass screen protector adheres.

Jamie S

After using an S7 edge for almost a year (well 9 months), I don’t think I will ever buy another curved screen device. The screen protectors were horrible so I ended up using the phone without one. As Yianni said it will be almost impossible to reach the top of the screen with your thumb which will also be a problem with the G6. I think I’ll stick with my 5 inch Pixel for now and see what Google come up with later this year.

Cameron Jones

i was hoping that the finger print scanner near the camera lens was fake but nope. that kills the phone for me now, iris scanner or not. So far LG G6 is looking like a winner unless HTC pull something awesome out of a hat for HTC 11, Cause the HTC U is ugly!


do you mean for functionality or aesthetic ?

Cameron Jones

Functionality. The scanner will be just way too high up specially on the 8+, don’t know about you but i have short fat stubby fingers.

Yianni soc

I’m still scared about a 5.8″ device. Largest I’ve had is LG G3 with mini bezels and 5.5″.
Its going be really tall. My thumb just isn’t that big Samsung!