I had been putting off doing the daily Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks and rumour post but when Evan Blass tweets we all jump. We saw him send out some official press renders showing the front of the Galaxy S8 the other day and now today he has followed it up with more.


These show two different colours and also the front and back of the device. We can now see up close and personal the placement of the fingerprint sensor and its close proximity to the camera sensor.

Overnight we also saw some official Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ promotional material leaked by Slashleaks. They don’t really give much extra information but we can see what we are now gathering is the Bixby button in profile on the right hand side of the device.

I think it must be pretty much unanimous by now, the Galaxy S8 is a beautiful looking device. Hopefully the day to day use lives up to this high standard the design has set. With the announcement occurring on the 30th March at 2am we will hopefully have one in our hands not long after so we will be able to let you all know very soon.

Source: EvLeaks.
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kashif syed

You call it a beautiful looking device! I cant get my head around it how Samsung always manage to produce such ugly looking devices. if we look back at imate Jasjar or Nokia E7 that’s what would be the definition of good looking device.

Keyboard Ninja

There is no way you can be for real.. get with the times.

Armin Kuhestani

Haha Nokia E7, dafuq. I’m an iPhone boy but I have to say, this device is pure beauty!