There have already been numerous Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks today and last night. For those eagle eyes you may have noticed there was one from Slashleaks that we did not mention. The reason is that we were looking for the source and the context of it. Now we have it.

It turns out that the video leaked overnight demonstrated Samsung’s new AI, Bixby, being used. My Chinese is extremely rusty (read: non-existent) so it is hard for me to decipher just what is being demonstrated but at least we can get the feel for the interface.

There seems to be a lot of leaks coming out of China at the moment. It makes you wonder how many are floating around Australia. Keep an eye out for one and let us know if you see one (a non blurry pic would be great too!). This time next week we will know all the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ details with the announcement set for 2am (Melbourne time) on the 30th March.

Source: MMDJ Twitter.