Garmin Australia have announced two new vehicle cameras called the Dash Cam 45 and Dash Cam 55, which are standalone driving recorders with smart, connected features.

Each device offers high-quality eyewitness recording with automatic incident detection (G-sensor) to save footage on impact, while also adding GPS capabilities for detailed time and location data. Advanced driver alerts such as forward collision and lane departure warnings are integrated in both new dash cam models to help prevent drivers from either driving too close to the vehicle ahead or drifting off-road. Now with the inclusion of new voice controls, drivers can start and stop audio recordings and more through voice commands to help keep their hands on the wheel and focused on the drive.

The Dash Cam 55, as the name might suggest, records in higher quality, offering video captured in 1440p, 1080p, or 720p with a 3.7 megapixel camera, while the Dash Cam 45 captures 1080p, or 720p with a 2.1 megapixel camera. Both models have a wide field of view and 2-inch LCD display built in.

The real news is the voice control, which they call TrulyHandsfree, which allows users to speak straightforward commands to the dash cam, such as “OK Garmin, save video,” and “OK Garmin, take a picture”, or even “OK Garmin, start Travelapse” to activate the video capture feature that compresses hours of driving footage into minutes of highlights.

Another major feature is the connectivity; with built-in WiFi in both models, drivers can wirelessly sync their videos to the free companion mobile app on a compatible smartphone. This allows users to share recordings with friends or even insurance agencies. In cases where close-up photography is needed, the snapshot feature allows drivers to easily remove the dash cam from its mount to snap photos of vehicles or property damage.

Both the Dash Cam 45 and Dash Cam 55 accept MicroSD cards up to 64GB, though be careful – class 10 cards are required to capture video fast enough.

Available now, the Garmin Dash Cam 45 has a recommended retail price of AU$199 while the Garmin Dash Cam 55 RRP is AU$249. For more information, visit Garmin’s website at

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Glenn Batten

Buyer beware… the 55 model has major heat issues reported by users which is a big problem for Australia. Checkout amazon reviews and forums

Glenn Batten

It has been released in late autumn so Its hardly been tested herein Australia. Next summer temps and we will see how it handles Qld summer heat…. the reports out of the us are in late spring and Summer so they may be a harbinger of things to come. Those reports are far too many on to too many websites and forums to be ignored unless you are suggesting they are a conspiracy theory. It appears to be the 55 modele most of them point at. Some dash cams handle heat better than others…


Xiaomi cam is doing great job in my car since a year, and looks much sexy