The Unicode Consortium, the standards body that determines what emoji we’ll see on our phones and devices has detailed the next round of emoji to launch around mid-2017. The list has been released, and thanks to Emojipedia we can check out a little of what they look like.

There’s 48 emoji in total, ranging from new emotive faces like ‘Grinning Face with Star Eyes or Face with Open Mouth Vomiting’ to more fanciful emoji more suited to Dungeons and Dragons players like Vampire, Elf, Merperson and of course Zombie. The Unicode Consortium has also included a Breast Feeding Woman Emoji. You can view the complete list of the 48 Emoji included in the brief on the Unicode Consortium website.

Exactly how these will look when they reach devices will be determined by the manufacturer, the Unicode Consortium simply sets out the names and a basic guideline for companies to create the art. This is why Apple and Android emoji look different. Emojipedia has created mockups of the proposed emoji in the style of what they think the Apple emoji will look like:

Source: Emojipedia.