The Samsung Galaxy S8 is here and as Samsung can do better than any other Android manufacturer, so are the official accessories. While we struggle to see many, if any, official accessories from all other manufacturers Samsung are usually able to get their accessories to the user from day one. This year seems no different, and that list is rather large.

There are seven different covers and cases. Let’s quickly run through them:

Clear View Standing Cover

This cover is a flip cover that is translucent and displays the screen behind it — in an ambient-mode type of way. You can also interact with the display while it is closed with the ability to control calls and music. It is also able to flip over and prop up the phone so you can watch video in landscape. It seems to flip and work just as a tablet case would (and let’s be honest the Galaxy S8+ is the size of a small tablet). It comes in a range of colours including violet, black, gold, silver,blue and pink.

LED View Cover

The LED View Cover displays the time in LED lights and displays “pertinent information” while also allowing you to control some functions on your phone without opening the cover. You can customise the icons displayed from 54 different icons Samsung have provided. It will also be available in violet, black, gold, silver, blue and pink.

Clear Cover

This cover is a basic clear back cover that only protects the back of the phone without adding much bulk — it is only 0.8mm thick. Samsung have not made it clear whether this is a hard or soft case. I’m guessing hard case by the look of the pictures (plus there is a silicon cover coming up. It comes in the same colours as the two cases mentioned above.

Alcantara Cover

Ever wanted to make your phone hairy? Well, here is your chance. This alcantara cover gives the phone a soft suede-like feel that Samsung say is durable and stain resistant. Alcantara is normally not a cheap material so expect this one to be at the top end of the accessory pricing. It comes in black, blue, silver (see picture below), and pink.

Silicone Cover

The ever-popular silicone case makes an appearance as well although with Samsung stating that it “snaps on” it probably is less flexible than most silicone covers. This cover has a microfibre interior to prevent any scratching of your phone. Once again this covers the back of the phone only. It is available in dark grey, violet, blue, pink, white and green.

2Piece Cover

This has to be one of the weirdest cases I have ever seen. It provides partial protection at the top and bottom of the phone, with colours being able to be mixed and matched. They attach to the phone with suction pads. Strange one but if you like different this could be for you.

Keyboard Cover

This cover seems to have a back and front to it, with the front being a full qwerty hardware keyboard, very reminiscent of yesteryear’s Blackberry keyboards. The user just snaps the keyboard onto the phone whenever they want to use it. There is no word on whether the software will adjust the display when the keyboard is attached but that would seem appropriate.

Wireless Charging Convertible

This is a nice change from the basic wireless charging pad where the phone sits flat. The charger can charge the phone while lying flat or standing up. The top of the charger can slide out of the base to become the back of a stand. This is especially handy if you want to be able to easily see the phone while it charges. The charger comes in “Couch Black” or “Couch Brown”.

Battery Pack

This is just a basic battery pack that is able to charge your Galaxy S8 quickly — we assume it has all the required hardware to allow Samsung’s fast charging solution. It is available in blue and white and is 5100 mAh in size.

DeX Station Dock

Samsung have not listed one of the more innovative accessories, the DeX. Dan covered it last night and apparently will be available for $199. The DeX allows the user to mount their Galaxy S8 or S8+ and have it project onto a monitor where it can be used like a personal computer.

Samsung have done a great job getting all these cases and covers available to go already and while we do not have official pricing yet we expect them to be not cheap but let’s face it, what manufacturer sells their official accessories cheap?

Which case will you get for your Galaxy S8? Do you think wireless charging is still a thing with all the fast charging options?

Source: Samsung.
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Major Sceptic

Sammy and apple have the Accessories thing pretty well sorted when compared to most of the other phone companies anemic looking list of goodies , if there is one single reason to go with the big companies that would be one of the biggies imo . even just having their own walk in stores is very nice . Just trying to get any cheap case let alone a good one for my G5 at 99% of the phone shops/kiosks is like finding a needle in a haystack, i ended up getting one on ebay , my 6p was marginally better… Read more ยป


These accessories are more insteresting than the phone.