We’ve been to the big shows all over the world: Mobile World Congress, IFA, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas and of course Google I/O, but now it’s time to look more locally this year, and so Ausdroid is heading to Computex.

Computex runs from May 30th until June 3 in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. The four day conference showcases all the big name global manufacturers as well as the more local Asia-Pacific manufacturers like Asus, Acer and Dell. And it’s Dell who will be sponsoring our travel to Taipei this year, so a big thanks rolls out to them.

In what is already looking like a full on couple of days, we’ll be attending all the press events hosted by Dell, Corsair, MSI and Asus just to name a few. We’ll be wandering the show floor and talking to some big names in the consumer electronics game. With Computex focusing on far more than just mobile computing let us know where your tech interest run and we’ll see what we can find for you from the show floor.

We’re looking forward to bringing some big and breaking news to you from the ground at Computex in Taipei

Let us know what you’d like to hear about from the show so we can target some of the manufacturers for information

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All this international event coverage, I may have to up my Patreon amount – an extra $5 month will get you…ok not far 😉 But looking forward to reading about the tech!

Neerav Bhatt

We appreciate your Patreon contribution Narbett 🙂 every $ helps us cover costs and increase coverage

Chris Rowland

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I see from our email from Patreon you are a man of your word 🙂

Dan Goodes

Awesome! Safe trip Phil!

Maybe you can suss out from Dell (and others) why they insist on only bringing their low-end Chromebook devices Down Under – would’ve loved to have gotten my mitts on one of their awesome Chromebook 13 when it was announced (of course it’s a bit long in the tooth now, must be time for an update 🙂 ).