If epic platform games are your thing, you probably jumped right onto the Humble Mobile Bundle Epic Platformer bundle last week, if you made the smart move and beat the average price then today you get two bonus games: VVVVVV and Goo Saga.

The lower end bundle which will cost you as little as $1USD still has Devious Dungeon, Devious Dungeon 2 and Eggggg – The Platform Puker, while the middle bundle which will set you back $4.79USD gets you unbrick, RunGunJumpGun, RETSNOM and now VVVVVV and Goo Saga.

Of course, for all you money bags out there, if you pay $5USD you can grab all the above, plus Never Alone: Ki Edition, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons and Limbo.

Payments can be made using Credit Card, Amazon Payments or PayPal and you can choose to help support the Electronic Frontiers Foundation and Childs Play Charity with any purchase from the Humble Bundle.

Head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website to check out the bundles.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.