ASUS had a massive presence at Computex this year and they have debuted a number of new items at the show. One that really got me really excited for the future of Android tablets was the new Zenpad 10.

Labelled by ASUS as “luxury on your terms”, there are some genuinely top end features and design aspects to this device (with some variance depending on the model you choose) that will get consumers very excited. This is a really nice looking and feeling tablet, that has been designed with use in an entertainment setting when you look at the audio capabilities when you plug in the right set of headphones.

DTS 7.1 Channel Surround Sound

Yep, that’s right! Asus have a DTS 7.1 Channel system in the Zenpad 10 and in our (far too limited) hands on time it is a stunning experience. Clearly, as all manufacturers do at shows like Computex, they’ve setup a demonstration to showcase the best of the tablet and the sound quality combined with the screen offering wonderful colour reproduction and a really solid video playback the experience is immersive.

Even if you’re not using the 7.1 Channel Surround, the speakers on the Zenpad 10 are far better than a standard tablet, offering a dual-speaker stereo sound for use as a stand alone entertainment device.

While not the latest, Android 7.0 is standard on the Zenpad 10, and while it isn’t Android 7.1.1, it’s not too bad. ASUS, like other vendors, have a bit of a skin going on the Zenpad 10, but it is relatively unintrusive. If you’ve got a favoured launcher such as Action Launcher Pro or Nova Launcher you’re probably going to drop it on here pretty quickly regardless of how well ZenUI performs, but for everyone else, it’s very capable and enjoyable to use.

Inside the Zenpad 10

The screen options are either a 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200 or 1280 x 800 screen with 178 degree viewing angle. A reasonably substantial difference between the two so if you’re thinking which one to go for, make sure you take the cautious approach and either go up end or check both options out before making a decision.

I was able to use a demo model with the higher resolution, and it’s a great option; it is well calibrated, giving very natural colour reproduction. Some screens have an over-saturation of colour which is essentially a software driven issue, but ASUS have done a wonderful job of calibrating this screen for an all round solid delivery of not only entertainment but also productivity if you use your tablet for actual work.

Performance-wise, ASUS offer two options when it comes to CPU, RAM and Storage. Both CPUs are MediaTek, with quad-cores configured as either 1.03GHz or 1.45GHz. It’s not a major difference between the two but for real power users, the difference will be noticeable so definitely keep that in mind.

Other inclusions are 32GB or 64GB storage as standard, with the larger storage likely to be more popular for those who enjoy media consumption on the go. There’s also a 4,680 mAh battery which promises a couple of days’ use, and a 5MP camera.

Regardless of what you option inside, the exterior of the Zenpad 10 is pretty slick; it’s one of the best looking tablets I’ve seen in awhile. The rear of the tablet, too, is interesting, with a material-based knit pattern cover. From a presentation and in-hand feel this is an absolute winner.

We have already reached out to ASUS for information on expected availability and pricing for Australia. When we find out more, we’ll aim for a review device as well so we can give you a more in-depth look.

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