If you’re in the market for a new mobile plan, and let’s face it, people are every day, then this offer from TPG might whet your appetite. For six months, TPG is offering up to half-price plans with unlimited calls and SMS and a selection of included data.

Here is what’s on offer:

All plans include unlimited calls and SMS to Australian numbers, and between 3GB and 10GB data each month. It’s also worth pointing out there’s no lock in contracts with TPG so customers are free to move on after the six months’ discounts if they choose.

There’s some fine print, and that is the half-price plans only last for six months, and revert to higher pricing thereafter. However, even the full price plans offer reasonable value, meaning that TPG might have something suitable for you.

From our research, there’s a few things to be mindful of, though:

  • TPG do charge a port-out fee if you move to a different carrier. Both Telstra and Optus do this, though Vodafone generally don’t. It’s not unusual, just something to bear in mind.
  • You’ll pay $10 for your SIM card when you sign up. Most carriers generally don’t charge you for a SIM card.
  • Excess data is charged at $10 per 1GB block, which is about average.

As with any contract decision, it’s worth reading all the fine print before signing up, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from taking up an offer that gives you good value.

Source: TPG Mobile.
Via: OzBargain.
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Just read the fine print. Note that it’s 3G ONLY! I.e. not 4G.
This deal is still good. But I was considering temporarily switching out of Vaya to get this, and then maybe switch back. But not for 3G. I can’t believe they’re even still offering 3G-only deals.