Google Glass was a controversial project for Google. The device never made it into wide release, but if you want the feeling of wearing the device, this prop on eBay may be just the thing for you.

It will cost you a measly $4.95US ($6.51AUD) + $35US ($46.05AUD) for international shipping, a bargain compared to the $1500US original.
Update: The price has now been raised to $9.80USD ($12.37AUD) if you’re interested in this.

The prop, which ships out of the US, is modelled on Google Glass Explorer edition so you can be assured it’s the same feeling as you’d get with the original.

The prop is non-functional as the description says, and is apparently made for ‘office and retail store displays’. The Glass replica comes in a ‘Trendy’ chromium color and is ‘Great for fitting purposes before real device adoption’ as the ‘Dimensions based on the actual Google Glass Explore Edition’.

There’s more than 10 available if you’re interested, and if you want lots for your faux army, then they will do you a volume discount.

In theory these will fit all the Glass accessories like lenses etc. so if you want to really troll some people next time you head out on the town, this could be your next eBay purchase.

Source: eBay.
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    Greg McPherson

    All the abuse and snarky Apple fan remarks, with none of the benefits.