LG produced a great flagship earlier in the year with the G6 and look set to pull out all stops to do the same with the upcoming LG V30. We have already seen the new curved display they are bringing to the phone and now Immersion have revealed that their haptic feedback mechanism will be used in the V30.

Immersion have this week announced that they have partnered with LG to provide the V30 with its HD TouchSense technology. HD TouchSense works in a similar fashion to Apple’s haptic feedback in that it has varying levels of feedback. It gives the haptic motor more strength while at the same time providing more fine control over the various functions of the motor. Immersion have in the past sued Apple over their haptic feedback given the similarities.

Immersion has also given some hints as to how LG will be using this technology with them pointing towards the camera app including several pieces of added functionality including the shutter button giving a DSLR-like click. Turning the settings dial in the manual settings of the camera will also feel like the turning of a knob ala a DSLR camera.

There will also be added feedback for certain animations such as dismissing notifications and swiping between homescreens. Whether this added feedback will also be used to add functionality is unknown but it would be a definite way for LG to further distinguish themselves from other manufacturers. Apple have done it to some degree of success and I hope LG try to innovate in this area too.

With the LG V30 set to be announced at the end of this month we won’t have long to wait to find out. The LG V30 is shaping up to be a powerhouse of a phone and with the V20 landing on our shores we are definitely hoping the V30 makes it here too.

Source: 9to5Google.