Today we may now have our best look yet at the upcoming LG C30, thanks to Evan Blass and his well connected network of sources:

The design, especially with the placement of the camera and fingerprint sensor, is reminiscent of LG’s G6, though it appears that LG is pushing the bezel boundaries with the V30 even further than it has in the past.

This isn’t the first look we’ve had at the V30 though, we have seen leaks of the device “in hand” last week and are almost certain to see more in the coming weeks. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks amazing and we’re eager to know more.

With specs yet to be announced, what are you hoping for in the LG V30?

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Manoj Bhandari

I am so hoping that the Pixel XL MarkII has just as less bezels as this one.


It needs to be a massive improvement over the V20 and G6 in terms of call quality and reception, both of which were terrible on the versions I returned – they were not fit for purpose.


Damn that’s a good looking phone!!! The only thing stopping me from choosing this over the Note 8 is the wide angle secondary camera. Personally the 2x optical zoom is a lot more attractive.


The edges look a bit like those on the Galaxy Edge… can’t say that I’m a fan, I’d rather be able to see the whole screen edge to edge. Other than that, looks alright, but doesn’t seem to be much different to the G6.