LG have been producing some great hardware this year and with the next flagship, the V30, design based on the G6 they seem certain to end the year on a high. LG have today released a video suggesting superior sound produced by the V30, set to be announced on August 31 in Berlin.

Last year’s V20 included 4x DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) for superior sound, and some G6 variants also included this. The DAC’s included made for an amazing sound put out by the headphones. It seems that LG are (at least) including the same in the V30 but we expect them to look to improve the sound even more. LG tend to use their V series phones to try new things and push their innovation envelope. Their video does more than just hint at the sound produced by the V30, it outright brags about it’s “Immersive sound”.

There are several companies who are very confident with their upcoming flagships so we will be watching closely how they all fare. LG have produced great hardware in the past but have often been let down by a poor software experience. Hopefully they can get it right with the V30 — the hardware and design promises to be top notch, that’s for sure.

Source: LG YouTube.