There were many things expected to be announced today but one that we only heard about yesterday but had no idea what it was came as a surprise — Google Clips.

Google Clips is a hands-free camera that allows the user to capture spontaneous moments by saving “clips” from which images can then be saved and shared. Google Clips is small and lightweight and has a clip to allow you to attach it to something or to help hold it steady.

Google have included machine learning capabilities within the camera that allows it to look for good clear stable moments to capture. It does this by learning from you and your face and the faces of people that matter to you and as with all machine learning the more you use it the better it gets. It captures a “clip” of the scene from which you can then save or discard using your phone wirelessly through the Google Clips app.

The saving of clips can also be set to automatically save suggested clips to your phone. From each clip that is saved you can pick the best frame and save that as a high-resolution still photo to share with others. The Google Clips app will also automatically highlight the best clips for you allowing for fast and quick access to the best moments.

In this first edition, Clips is designed specifically with parents and pet owners in mind. Clips can also be edited together within Google Photos to create a movie — you get free unlimited storage for all your saved clips in Google Photos.

Google Clips is coming soon to the U.S. only for $249US. According to Google it works best with Pixel but also works with Samsung S7/8 and on iPhone (6 and up). There is no word yet on Australian availability but we will update you as soon as we hear more.