This year Samsung has returned to form with some great devices: one of those being the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Even with the worst fingerprint sensor location ever it is a phone that we loved here at Ausdroid even with its RRP exorbitant price. Today as part of the Black Friday deals you can grab one at a much improved price.

The RRP for the Galaxy Note 8 is $1499 which is not cheap but today at JB Hi-Hi you can grab one for just $999. While it is on sale at other stores as well the JB Hi-Fi deal takes the cake. A saving of $500 on a phone that is one of the best smartphones around at the moment is a very compelling reason to have a close look at buying one.

If you are on the fence regarding the Galaxy Note 8 check out our extensive review for anything and everything you may want to know about it. Those who have followed Ausdroid for a while will know that I usually have a disliking for Samsung and their skin but with the Note 8 I was turned. I would have happily bought one but the fingerprint sensor location was a deal breaker for me. Go and check them out and if you can deal with that fingerprint sensor location consider grabbing one now while they are on sale.

The Galaxy Note 8 is on sale today only so get a move on if this interests you. It is available online, instore and via click and collect.

***EDIT*** Harvey Norman had the Galaxy Note 8 for sale for $1147 at 830am this morning but I suspect after seeing the JB Hi-Fi price have reacted and dropped their price to an even lower figure: $978. Thanks to those in the comments who pointed this out.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
Via: Harvey Norman.
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Chris Rowland

That pricing is just so sharp for a brilliant phone. Can’t argue with that at all.


Brilliant would mean it’s flawless that it is not .the iPhone x is brilliant truely brilliant

Chris Rowland

Your spelling is truly awful, and I don’t think you’ll find much support for the proposition that the “iPhone X is brilliant” here. It’s copycat. Little more.


Just got mine from JB (damn didn’t see the price drop) but the benefit was I ported my number to Telstra and used the $200 voucher on the phone, note 8 for $799 pretty happy with that.


While I was in-store at JB they brought it down to $978 and then eventually dropped it to $950


I found it cheaper at harvey norman, $978.


$978 at HN too