Samsung Australia has announced they will begin their first annual Healthcare Smart Summit today in Sydney which will include major healthcare organisations and solution partners.

The event will include a panel that will discuss and debate important issues facing the sector, as well as being an opportunity to show off a new technology that’s being used in a clinical trial in partnership with St Vincent’s Hospital Department of Pain Medicine and UNSW Art and Design. The clinical trial will evaluate the use of Virtual Reality for acute pain management using Samsung smartphones and Gear VR headsets.

Steven Sherry, Vice President of business and enterprise mobility at Samsung Australia said

We strive to develop technology that improves the lives of Australians, and this is never more important than when it comes to health and wellbeing. We’re thrilled that through the Smart Summit we’re able to bring so many experts together, encouraging a culture of collaboration that will potentially help the healthcare community in Australia and around the world.

Samsung is a well known player in the medical industry, but has been getting into smaller scale innovations on a personal level with solutions like the recently released IrisVision, a software hardware combo designed to help sufferers of vision impairment using virtual reality technology, as well as Breezie, a tablet solution designed for seniors that curates popular existing internet applications, content, and services.

Samsung is a world leader in mobile so it’s great to see them using their high-end tech to solve issues in the real world. We’ll likely see more on this clinical trial in the future.

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