We have seen rumours of Samsung unveiling some new products at CES 2018 but exactly what the products were was unknown. Some rumours pointed to a new A series phone and some even suggested a Galaxy S9 announcement. Today Samsung have revealed that one announcement will be the details of their next generation chipset.

The date for the announcement is set to be January 4, 2018 which is just a few days before the media days at CES. Samsung are obviously trying to get in first before anyone else can take any of their limelight.

Whether there are any phone announcements along with the processor announcement is unknown but we expect more details to arrive in the coming days regarding phone announcements. They may be doing as Huawei did earlier this year and announcing the processor followed a couple of weeks later with the phone announcement — building the hype.

Regarding the hint that Samsung revealed, their “Beyond a Component” tagline suggests that their new processor will be not just a CPU chipset but possibly house onboard AI just as Huawei’s Kirin 970 does. That is seemingly the most obvious next step in the processor game for them — how else do they justify the tagline? A faster, more power efficient processor doesn’t cut it in my opinion.

In just under a week all will be revealed and we look forward to what Samsung can bring to the party — hopefully it is innovative and pushes the mobile world along even more.

Source: Samsung Exynos Twitter.