Android One is Google’s attempt to bring pure Android to the masses through various companies — similar to the Android Silver program of previous years. It was originally focused on entry-level devices but has since made it onto other devices and now it seems that Nokia are bringing a top notch Android One smartphone to market in the Nokia 7+.

In a tweet by prolific leaker Evan Blass today the upcoming Nokia 7+ has been revealed and it looks impressive. Shown in both a white with orange trim and a brown with orange trim it looks to be an impressive phone.

The display looks to be a curved 18:9 display ratio display with small top and bottom bezels. The rear picture shows the Android One name as well as dual Zeiss optics cameras and a fingerprint sensor, framed nicely by that orange trim.

While we know that Nokia prefer an unadultered version of Android on their phones being an Android One phone means that the updates to it are pushed out by Google and not by Nokia. Similarly to the Xiaomi A1 Android One phone we expect the Nokia 7+ to come with a camera app of Nokia’s making.

I always thought the Android Silver program was perfect for pure Android lovers. It had stock Android on a variety of devices. Add in their proprietary camera apps and you have an ideal phone in my eyes. Now it seems that Android One could be heading that way — now we just need some of them to land on our shores.

In the same series of tweets Evan also revealed what appears to be an entry-level Nokia 1. There is nothing special about this phone but given Nokia’s name, design, and build quality will most likely be a well- received device for those looking to get in at the lower end of the market.

With HMD and Nokia having a definite presence in Barcelona at the MWC we hope to find out more about this mouth watering Nokia 7+ from them in person. Will they possibly even announce it there? Would you consider this phone if it landed here at a mid-range price?

Source: Evan Blass Twitter.
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Definitely looks like it would fill the gap left from older cheap nexus devices. I’d get it.


I agree. The Orange and grey / black combo is a unique differentiator in an ever more blandly generic sea of sameness. Personally, I favour an even larger display if it’s going to be an 18:9 ratio; something over 6.5″ would really set it apart for those of us in the western world with larger hands lol. 🙂 Keeping my eye on this . . .