Were you lucky enough to pick up a Galaxy S9 last week? Awesome. Now that you’re done making horrifying AR Emojis, you should think about accessories. If you bought it outright, a new phone plan is arguably the ~best~ accessory for your new phone.

But even if you haven’t picked up a new device, now’s actually a really good time to take a look at SIM-only phone plans.

Let’s start with cheap: if you’re just after the cheapest 10GB plan, Exetel is the current winner. $24.99 per month gets you 10GB of data, unlimited talk and text, and $50 of international talk on a 12-month contract. Exetel’s mobile plans are powered by Optus.

Next up, Telstra. Telstra tends to the opposite of cheap, but it’s currently running a great online only deal. If you’re a new customer, you can get 25GB of data, unlimited talk and text, and data-free Apple Music for $49 a month on a 12-month contract.

If you’re an existing Telstra customer, you’re ~technically~ not able to get this deal, but if you’re out of contract you might have some luck if ask nicely on live chat. By which we mean, politely threaten to leave for Optus. This offer runs until March 26.

If Telstra doesn’t want to give you the promo, you can always actually go to Optus instead. Optus has gone a little crazy and is running a double data promo on its already generous 12-month SIM-only plans. $40 per month gets you 30GB, or $60 per month gets you 100GB. One. Hundred. Gigabytes.

The plans also include unlimited talk and text, at least $300 international minutes, and an Optus Sport subscription. You’ll also get data-free music streaming through Spotify and Google Play, and data-free video streaming through Netflix and Stan. Not that you need anything data-free if you’ve got 100GB.

These promos run until March 25.

If you’d still prefer Telstra coverage, Boost and Belong are both powered by the Telstra network and will do 15GB for $45 and neither have lock in-contracts. While the plans are similar, Boost’s is a 28-day prepaid recharge with 100 minutes of international calls, whereas Belong’s is a postpaid month-to-month plan.

If you’re still after more data, Woolworths Mobile is one of the best data-for-dollar option in terms of Telstra MVNOs. If you sign up before April 15, you’ll get 25GB for $50 per month, along with unlimited talk and text, and unlimited international text. You are up for a 12-month contract, though.

Want some warm fuzzies with your phone plan? Jeenee Mobile uses part of its profits to provide free phone service to Australians living with a disability.

If you sign up before May 31, you can get Jeenee’s $45 Optus-powered phone plan for $36 per month. It includes 23GB of data, unlimited talk and text, and $500 of international calls. You will however need to sign a 12-month contract and pay a $10 setup fee. But what’s an extra $10 when you’re helping others by helping yourself to a great deal?

Lastly, Virgin Mobile has cut the price of all its 12-month SIM-only plans by 20% until June 28. Our pick is the discounted $40 per month plan. Now $32 per month, the plan gets you 15GB, unlimited talk and text, and $200 of international talk and text.

Other Virgin perks include data rollover, data gifting, and data-free streaming for Spotify and Google Play Music

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Jack Bauer

Wow very surprised how good value the exetel plan is.


Why isnt Vodafone on it?
I signed up a $60 sim only with student discount 20% so only $48 I get 62GB and unlimited national calls. I think that’s the best deal atm.

Tom Sekulic

The best plan is Optus $60 with 100GB data and free sports channels!