Just as Samsung finally got the position of the fingerprint sensor on their high-end Galaxy phones ‘right’ it appears that the Note 9 may be using an in-display fingerprint sensor when it launches later this year.

According to a source speaking to the Korea Herald, the Samsung Display division has presented ‘three or four solutions’ for embedding a fingerprint sensor in the display to the Mobile division. The same source says that at least one of those solutions being seriously considered for inclusion in the Galaxy Note 9.

The source says that a final decision on whether the in-display fingerprint sensor will be included in the Note 9 will be made later this month.

Samsung has been working on in-display fingerprint sensors for some time – but ‘they have not reached the parent company‚Äôs expectations’. The source said that Samsung Display believes they can improve the technology to meet standards before the Galaxy Note 9 is unveiled in late August.

The Note series has been an outlier for design changes and new technology, the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint sensor would also mean it’s likely we’d see the tech in the Galaxy S10 next year as well. Before we count that chicken though, we’ll see what happens in late August.

Source: Korea Herald.
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    Anthony Klun

    As much as I would love for this to happen, I reckon they just gonna copy the Note 8 and put the scanner under the camera like the S9. It’ll be a refresh release with Stereo speakers, fancier colours, extra software features and camera optimizations. All the big changes will happen on the Note 10 or Note X, If they decide to call it that.