The headphone jack is going. There’s no escaping it and while some manufacturers have retained it, the writing is on the wall. If you’re looking for something to get you through the transition, then this pair of Bluetooth 4.1 earphones could be a good gateway for you.

The earphones normally sell for just over $16, not a bad price in and of itself, but at $4 they’re a steal. Available in four colours – Blue, Gold, Gun Metal or Silver – they ship for free from Zapals.

The earphones include an inline controller to answer/end/reject calls, mute or adjust volume up/down and control your music. There’s also the charging point there, with the 80 mAh battery giving you about 3 hours of usage, so not the best, but far from the worst.

At $4, I’ve ordered a pair just to see how they go and to keep them in my gym bag for when my higher end earphones run out of charge. They’re on-sale until April 4th, so you can grab a pair from Zapals until then.

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Source: Zapals.
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    Jafar Calley

    I like the fact that I don’t need to carry yet another proprietary adapter to charge my >wired< headphones which also last for the entire time on a long international flight.

    Tom Sekulic

    You may want to save yourself a disappointment and get yourself a pair of decent, cheap headphones like Meizu EP51 Bluetooth Sports Ear buds. Has APT-X Codec for crystal-clear audio, IPX4 Sweat/water resistance and 6hr play time. About $US20 On Gearbest. They go on sale from time to time so you could get them even cheaper.

    Robert Blackstock

    Dan, the source link to Zapals doesn’t turn up in the alternate cleaned up skin. 😉


    These will sound like you’ve put a $2 coin in each ear.