One of the criticisms of the Pixel line of devices has always been the price. That particular bug bear may be slain this year, with rumours of Google set to launch a mid-range Pixel phone in India, and emerging markets this year.

The Economic Times has quoted executives who spoke to Google about their launch in India of a range of Google products including their Google Home speakers, Pixelbook and other smart home devices in India this month. The executives have said that Google is also looking to launch a mid-range Pixel around July or August, ahead of the Pixel 3 launch around the time of Diwali (November).

There’s obviously no specs or features mentioned with this rumour, though a mid-range Pixel would obviously cut some corners when it comes to hardware and specs to meet a price point.

Google is said to be looking to undertake a big advertising campaign for the launch of their Google Home speakers and other products this month, which is expected on April 10th. Google has likewise increased their advertising spend to promote the Pixel, and other hardware launches in other countries.

There are currently three phone hardware/software initiatives that Google is working on with Android Go aimed at the entry level range, while Android One is aimed at more mid-range hardware, while Pixel is the premium end of the range. How a Pixel branded mid-range phone would go remains to be seen, though the lower price point would certainly be welcome.

Source: Economic Times.