After launching in February, MVNO Catch Connect has today introduced a raft of new 365-day pre-paid plans with a bonus launch special offering 30% off the price for a limited time.

There are three new 365-day plans which include the usual unlimited calls and text to standard Australian numbers, and differ only on the amount of included data. Plans start at $199 ($139 with 30% off) which includes 36GB of data (3GB/month), then move up to $270 ($189 with 30% off) which includes 72GB of data (6GB/month) and finally $340 ($238 with 30% off) which includes 180GB of data (15GB/month).

According to the Critical Information Summary for the plans, you can purchase extra data packs at $10 per 1GB or $15 per 2GB.

Nati Harpaz, CEO, Catch Group commented

With many Australians feeling the pinch in their pockets, the ability to make a one-off payment for a year-long phone plan, and not think about that bill for the rest of the year, gives them peace of mind. We know our customers love great value so we’re pleased to bring them these longer term options at the amazing Catch prices.

The plans are available from today, though the 30% off offer is only available until July 2nd. Catch Connect operates on the Optus Mobile network, so if you’re unsure of how you’ll do on that network it’s best to check the coverage map before signing up.

Source: Catch Connect.