Kogan Mobile is continuing to add value to their range of prepaid mobile plans, today announcing updates to the data inclusions for their Small and Medium plans.

The changes to the data inclusions are permanent instead of a temporary grab for customers updating the Small and Medium plans with an additional 1GB of data per month on top of the already decent offerings. With this upgrade the Small plan now includes 3GB of data per month (up from 2GB), while the Medium plan will now include 7GB of data per month (up from 6GB). The new updates cost no extra, and are being extended to both new and existing customers.

The Kogan Mobile network operates on the Vodafone 4G network, so as always if you’re looking to change you should check out the coverage map before making any decisions. If you’re interested, you can check out the Kogan Mobile website.

Source: Kogan Mobile.
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    I very much appreciate this boost as the 6gb on medium as some months I often rationed the last 2 days. The extra data should mean this is not a problem any more. I have wondered why it has taken them this long to boost the bottom 2 plans caps especially but all in general as other players seem to be at least catching up if not offering better value.