Earlier this year we reported on a leak from Android Headlines that showed off a “bezel-less” phone from Motorola called the Motorola One Power. Today we have seen them provide details on another Android One device called the Motorola One.

While the Motorola One look extremely cosmetically similar to the One Power it is apparently a different phone, but we suspect the difference will be in the battery size with Motorola having a history of creating an increased battery sku for phones.

The Motorola One has a decent sized notch and what appears to be, for 2018, decent sized bezels a the bottom and on the sides of the phone. The phone is thus like so many other phones in 2018.

Recent leaks have put the Motorola One Power specs at a 6.2 inch 2280 x 1080 resolution, 19:9 aspect ratio display. It will have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage, a dual rear-facing camera and a 3870 mAh battery. We expect the Motorola One to arrive with extremely similar specs with a possible jump in the camera resolution and a lower battery spec.

One (Left) Vs One Power (Right) : image courtesy of Android Headlines

Motorola, with the Motorola One line seem to be looking at expanding the Motorola One moniker with various devices coming under that banner. It is expected, with this “One” handle, Motorola are looking to follow Nokia’s lead in developing several phones that will run Android One and with their diminishing updates for phones this is a great idea for them.

There is every possibility we will see these announced in Chicago on August 2. Hopefully they can bring something new to the table that sets them apart from all the rest in 2018.

Source: Android Headlines.
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I don’t understand the craze behind these wide, and wide screens and notch. Come on guys, it’s just a phone. You can go and download apps that you want and get engaged to it rather than resolution and stuff. apkmonk.com is a great platform to download such apps that may not be available on Google Play.


I’m really into the look of these all the rounded edges, even with the notch! Honestly, a more pronounced (i.e. wider) notch is probably preferable to a narrow notch, to me, tho neither is of course better again.

Tbh tho I can’t see any difference between the One and the One Power pics above…


“6.2 inch 2280 x 1880 resolution” I’m assuming the 1880 is a typo? Me thinks it should be 1080.
Anyhow good on Motorola for committing to software updates through Android One.
My guess is this is pressure from Nokia sniffing around Motorola’s niche in the market.
The more Android One phone’s the better!!


So nice to see decent low end phones coming out, makes it easier to find my mother a good phone that suits her perfectly.


Good to see more android phones coming out with bigger batteries .
Hip hip hooray .


Could not have put it better myself Scott .