Last week an amusing pitch landed in Ausdroid’s mailbox: an opportunity to sample wine with a perfectly matched Spotify playlist.

Jimmy Brings is offering a selection of own-branded wines that have QR-like Spotify Codes printed on their labels. It’s calling the wines Songmelier Edition, and there’s Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc and Reserve Shiraz versions.

The codes link to a playlist that’s specific to that wine, so all you need to do is pour yourself a glass, sit back and let the playlist take your ears on a journey alongside your taste buds.

If you’re partial to Sparkling, you’ll find a playlist featuring Hip Hop, something called Bubblegum Trap and Hustle and Grind. Sauvignon Blanc features Indie, Tropical House and Aussietronica on its playlist, along with Spotify’s Chillwave
and Electrofox “microgenres” and Shiraz brings Jazz, Rock, Freak Folk and Deep House.

Of course, I asked for a review unit. I’m partial to a glass of red wine to end the working week, so before I even saw the above genre breakdown I went for the Shiraz.

Jimmy Brings prides themselves on speedy delivery, so my Shiraz arrived a short while later.

The Songmelier Edition Shiraz arrived in a simple brown cardboard wine box. The bottle inside features JimmyBrings and Spotify branding, so it’s likely a cleanskin wine of some kind – no problem there, some of the best drops around are from cleanskin wine.

The musical selection was pretty surprising. The Shiraz playlist features 22 tracks with acts like Idris Muhammad, Dusty Springfield, Jimi Hendrix, Crowded House, Violent Femmes, Led Zeppelin and Lou Reed. It’s actually a pretty strong mix and made for some nice background music for the last hour of Friday afternoon. This speaks as much to Spotify’s catalogue as it does Jimmy Brings’ curation.

As the wine made its way around the office there was a general consensus that it went well with the musical atmosphere it brought with it. Heads nodded, the playlist got a bit of a workout and the fact that the wine had its own playlist caused a few gasps and giggles.

Not everyone has the same taste in music though, nor do they have the same taste in wine. The curated playlist IS a gimmick, but it’s a fun and interesting place to kick start your entertainment for a party or gathering, and doesn’t have to be anything more.

Jimmy Brings has been offering delivery in Sydney for some time, and is now starting up in a Melbourne as well – which is actually probably the point of the stunt all along. You can order direct by phone (1800-JIMMYS) or from their website, or use the free app from Google Play.

The Songmelier Edition wines will be available for a limited time as a three-pack for $59.99.

While this is a pretty light hearted review, we realise that excessive consumption of alcohol can cause problems. Ausdroid encourages you to drink responsibly, and visit for more information if you or someone you know needs help.

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