The new Predator movie arrives in cinemas in Australia and around the world next week and if you want to catch up with the whole line up then Google Play Movies is offering up to 60% off the films, and other sci-fi classics.

There’s a load of great sci-fi movies on sale from the Predator, Alien and both the original and remade Planet of the Apes series discounted, including the five original Planet of the Apes movie bundle for just $16.99 in HD. There’s some other decent titles like Solaris, Sunshine, Independence Day and the Jeff Goldblum version of The Fly for sale as well.

These sales don’t last forever, so if you’re of a mind to catch up then head over and grab them from Google Play Movies while you can…then ‘GET TO DA CHOPPER’!

Source: Google Play.
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    Joshua Hill

    Planet of the apes movie collection $35 and not on the deal page anynore