At their Made by Google event on October 9th next month, Google is expected to unveil not one, but two new Chrome OS devices. The first will be an update of the Pixelbook codenamed ‘Atlas’, while the second is a detachable Chrome tablet codenamed ‘Nocturne’. A high-resolution image of what could be the tablet has surfaced over on AboutChromebooks.

The tablet render was discovered while researching a new range of detachable keyboards for Chrome OS tablets with built-in Assistant and Hamburger keys. The tablet in the renders match up with a couple of the things thought to be ‘known’ about the Nocturne tablet, including a USB-C port in the bottom left – Nocturne should have one either side – and a fingerprint sensor on the top of the tablet.

The fingerprint sensor position is similar to that shown in documentation found by ChromeUnboxed that will be used by Google for the registration process for fingerprints on Chrome OS. Google usually uses renders of their own devices, and the position matches that precisely.

The specs for Nocturne are still rather cloudy, though the screen is expected to be at least 2400 x 1600 and the tablet will be powered either by an Intel ‘Kaby Lake’ or ‘Amber Lake’ processor. There won’t be a microSD card slot in the tablet in keeping with Google’s usual line on removable storage, but there will be support for NVMe solid state drives.

Even Kevin at About Chromebooks recommends treating this render with suspicion, but it does tick a lot of boxes. We’ll know for sure on October 9th (10th here in Australia), so stay tuned.

Are you interested in a Google made Chrome OS tablet?

Source: About Chromebooks.