Taiwanese chip-maker MediaTek wants to get its AI-powered chipsets into premium smartphones. A report in DigiTimes suggests the firm has been in talks with the likes of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi about opportunities.

MediaTek built a name for itself offering high-end componentry for lower-end devices. Unfortunately, this association kept MediaTek away from premium devices. Unsurprisingly, this is something the company would like to change.

It wasn’t long ago that MediaTek and Qualcomm fought for prevalence in the mid-range market. Ultimately, Qualcomm won, and now sees its products in most Android devices across the range.

New mid-range AI processors might not be the answer

Despite MediaTek’s release of the Helio X30 processor last year, low demand saw the company stop production and, ultimately, the development of the Helio X range.

The company continues production of its P-series chipsets. The Helio P90 is MediaTek’s mid-range chipset with premium features. However, with modest interest in their products thus far, MediaTek faces an uphill battle. Many manufacturers are moving into their own custom chipsets with their own blend of AI, leaving less room for MediaTek to compete.

Will we see MediaTek’s gear in the mid-range come 2019? Frankly, I doubt it, at least not outside China. Economies of scale and Qualcomm’s reputation will likely see it retain the mid-range for the foreseeable future.

Via: GizChina.